Laura L.M. Hill

Co-Founder, New York Natives

Laura L.M. Hill is an attorney, a former academic and the Co-Founder of the popular website New York Natives. Laura has a PhD in English Literature, and lectured and published in her area of expertise; eighteenth century literature and culture.  Laura is also an owner of two privately held New York art & design companies, Lillunia LLC (based in East Hampton) and Gold Design Factory LLC a/k/a Barrett-Smythe Designs (NYC), for which she paints, creates graphic design work and illustration. In such capacity she has been designing for Zippo Manufacturing Company for many years.
As an attorney specializing in commercial real estate and affordable housing, having closed numerous deals affecting the lives of thousands of New Yorkers, Laura has extensive knowledge of the NYC housing infrastructure, the cities diverse citizenry, and its growing needs.

She was born, raised and is making her life happen in NYC and has dual citizenship in the US and Italy.