Laura Senior Garcia

Global Operations Manager, Equilibria

Laura Senior Garcia is Equilibria's Global Operations Manager, a coach, and Lewis Senior’s daughter. Laura joined Equilibria at age 19. Since then, she has been on a continuous learning journey, acquiring a vast amount of experience and key skills that have enabled her to become a lead member of the Equilibria Executive Management Team. Now in her late-twenties, she is responsible for anything from the company’s worldwide operations as well as the facilitation of seminars to coaching teams to driving business development. She is also a passionate member and active contributor to the efforts of taking Equilibria's E-Colors into Education. It is her personal journey that became one of the inspirations for At the End of the Day. How Laura, with her father's coaching, went from being a rebellious teenager to a dynamic, fulfilled young woman is an inspiring example for both parents and their teens. Laura lives in the Spanish countryside with her husband Jose.

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