Laura Storm

Dedicated to sustainable innovation and development. Laura started Sustainia in 2012 and previously helped initiate and lead the Copenhagen Climate Council and the World Business Summit on Climate Change. Young Global Leader (WEF), Worldchanger (Greenbiz)

Laura Storm has worked her entire career to push for ambitious action on climate change and sustainability. Laura has fostered and developed Sustainia - a world-leading platform for identifying and leveraging sustainable solutions, technologies and business models and helped initiate the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, World Climate Solutions and numerous other projects and events within sustainable development.

She initiated the Sustainia organization with leading Scandinavian-based Think Tank and weekly Monday Morning, because she was frustrated with the lack of vision and neglect to focus on the practical solutions needed to put us on a more sustainable path.

Today Sustainia reaches +200 million people annually and empowers people globally to see the benefits of transforming our societies and businesses to sustainability. Sustainia’s annual flagship publications are the Sustainia100 ( that identify the best sustainable innovations within 10 different sectors and the Global Opportunity Report that annually presents new global market opportunities ( Sustainia has worked closely with the EU Commission, UN Global Compact, World Bank, EAT, WHO and individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christiana Figueres, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Connie Hedegaard, Dr. Pachauri and others.

In 2007 she helped initiate the Copenhagen Climate Council, a group of global high-level CEOs, scientists and policy designers working to ensure involvement of international business leaders in the COP15 process. Furthermore, Laura Storm was the Director of the World Business Summit on Climate Change in 2009 – gathering 1000 high-level CEO’s and state leaders to discuss the framework of a new global climate treaty.

In 2013, Laura was named Worldchanger by Greenbiz for her work and in 2016 the World Economic Forum selected her as a Young Global Leader. These leaders have been chosen because of their professional achievements, commitment to society and ability to create and implement innovative ideas.

Laura holds a Master in Political Communication and Leadership, Copenhagen Business School.

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