Laura Zigman

Author, 'Animal Husbandry'

Laura Zigman is the author of four novels, including the New York Times bestseller, Animal Husbandry (made into the movie no one's ever heard of, "Someone Like You" [ Annoying Conversation #7: "So What Else Have You Written That I've Never Heard Of?"). She's contributed to The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, She Writes, and, among other sites and publications. She lives with her husband ( Annoying Conversation #14: "What Bald Spot?" and Annoying Conversation #16: "You're Making That Face and Doing That Thing") and young son (Annoying Conversations 1-4: "Did You Finish Your Homework?"; "I Need a New Helmet"; "Is That Dog Still Alive?"; and "Skateboard vs. Longboard.") outside Boston, where you can frequently catch her "Driving Under the Influence of Adele (DUIA)." Follow her on Twitter (@LauraZigman), Friend her on Facebook, Like her Facebook Author Page, or Subscribe to her "Annoying Conversations" YouTube Channel. And, if you're a fan of "The Frenemy" follow him on Twitter @XtraFrenemy. Read more about her obsession with making-short-movies-while-she-should-be-writing in Xtranormal's recent Q&A with her.