Lauren Brown

Business, Media + Culture Writer

Writer, world traveler and new media producer, Lauren Brown, uses her journalism background and media production prowess to smudge the line between events and entertainment, creating custom, yet, immersive experiences driven by social technologies. Lauren takes great pleasure in designing and producing gatherings, online and off, with the ability to bring folks together around policy, action and change. Her past clients and media credits include Coca-Cola Enterprises, Upscale Magazine, Ebony Magazine, The Weather Channel, Georgia Public Broadcasting, NBC BLK, Blogher, The Democratic National Convention, Planned Parenthood, International Society of Africans in Wine (ISAW), MMTC Online, Jack and Jill Politics, The Young Turks, Huffington Post, and Huff Post Live. Constantly foraging a career that fuses her love of culture, art and media with her passion for activism, Lauren led the Digital Moving Image Salon at Spelman College under the direction of Dr. Ayoka Chenzira, producing two Reel Women Film Festivals, Digital Doyennes: Wisdom from the Women who Lead in Social Media and Digital Innovation and the live social media portions of the National Visionary Leaders Project and the annual ARCUS Foundation Symposium.