Lauren Cahn

Small girl, LARGE opinions

Lauren Cahn is obsessed with words the way you're obsessed with politics, reality television and getting rid of those love handles. For the better part of - well, let's just say for a while now - that obsession has left Ms. Cahn with the insatiable need to put words together into what some astute observers may recognize as essays and fiction. Her topics run the gamut from life and style, entertainment, politics, law, religion, health and yoga. And murder, but only in the fiction. Results may vary. Side effects may include inappropriate laughter and a desire to embark upon the Master Cleanse or write up a Wikipedia entry about yourself. Call a doctor immediately if you feel the uncontrollable urge to smash your laptop to bits. Or you can simply tweet me at @LaurenCahn. A good time is promised to be had by all, and by "all", I mean "me". Probably you too though.