Laurie Ashley

Finding strength in the vulnerable spaces of parenting, and business leadership.

Laurie Ashley owns L.Ashley Strategy Inc., a marketing and business development consultancy. Laurie is an ambitious woman, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Laurie helps others take responsibility of their marketing and business goals so they can take action. Laurie has a formal background that spans over a decade working in the corporate sector. Laurie focused on international relationship marketing, trade show management and sales support. This work ranged from managing small private events to overseeing large multi-national conventions. Charged with annual budgets in the high six figures, writing sales proposals and supporting engineering services and capital equipment sales teams was all part of her leadership marketing roles. Laurie’s passport stamp collection highlights years of events managed and attended in worldwide destinations such as Beijing, Copenhagen, London and Chicago. Laurie’s true experience comes from her daily adventures with her family. The realness of parenting. The struggle is real, but so is the coffee. Also blogs at