Laurie Levy

Sharing insights & personal experiences on education, aging, special needs advocacy, community, love, kindness, caring, & acceptance.

Laurie Levy published her first book of essays, Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real, at age seventy. She has been an early childhood administrator, educator, and community leader for over 30 years. Before embarking on her encore career as an author and blogger, Laurie taught high school English, was a committed school volunteer, became an early childhood educator and administrator. She founded and directed Warren W. Cherry Preschool in Evanston, Illinois, an innovative developmental early childhood program that includes and celebrates all children. A passionate advocate, Laurie is a strong believer in developmentally appropriate educational practices, diversity, community building, and the rights of children with special needs. Her dream is to create welcoming and inclusive school communities in which all children can learn and thrive. Laurie’s writing has been featured in The Washington Post, AlterNet, Bam!Radio, and The Forward. She publishes regularly on The Chicago Tribune’s blogging platform (ChicagoNow), Midcentury Modern/Medium, and on Huffington Post. Her Facebook page, Still Advocating, has over 3,600 followers. Laurie’s topics include empowering parents and educators, restoring developmentally appropriate practices to education, and seeking justice for parents and children crushed under the heel of the educational-industrial complex. She also writes about key issues for her generation: retirement, parental loss, and grandparenting among others. And sometimes, she writes about whatever strikes her fancy through the lens of a Boomer who both battles and embraces change.