Lawler Kang

Founder of League of Allies, author of The E Ticket and Passion at Work, speaker, consultant

I have two purposes in life. One, to constructively rock the boat. Two, to help everyone I can reach, in the time of my life, live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. At 14, I survived a cerebral aneurysm. At 18 and then twice again at 20, I survived major colon procedures. I'll let you connect the dots. :-)

In 2005, I wrote my first book, Passion at Work (Pearson Prentice Hall), which led to a speaking/workshop business with the likes of Cisco, Pfizer, Yahoo, Oracle, and HP.

The E Ticket was written to scale my purposes. It has two main messages:
1. Women's bio-chemistry is better geared to address leadership challenges and needs
2. For our species and planet for survive us, we must get more progressive women into positions of power ASAP.

These are my callings and they have morphed into a services firm, League of Allies ( The League is a services provider dedicated to helping organizations build and measure gender-diverse workforces. Our mission is to evolve workplace dynamics to best engage the female talent that drives superior, sustainable, and ethical returns.

While writing The E Ticket, in my spare time, I ran People departments at internet firms such as Rue La La. Prior work includes strategy, turnaround and eBusiness consulting delivery and management, global supply chain management, and founding a socially-responsible import firm out of Indonesia. I am grateful to have degrees from places (Chadwick, Vassar, and Wharton) that not-coincidentally also reflect my purposes.

I have an amazing spouse, three kicking kids and a rather smug and slightly fat cat. I live on Boston's North Shore, love the ocean and mountains and groove on most things you can do on both. I also have a hankering for bridge, mindfullness and science.

For more about my writing, please visit my interview on Smashwords. You can reach me directly at