Lawrence Baxter, Bill Brown and James Cox


James Cox is leading expert on securities law and corporate governance, Cox is the Brainerd Currie Professor of Law at Duke. He has published extensively in the areas of market regulation and corporate governance and has testified before the U.S. House and Senate on insider trading, class actions and market reform issues.

Bill Brown is in leadership positions at Goldman Sachs & Co., AIG International and Morgan Stanley, Brown specialized in currency and fixed-income markets, most recently serving as global co-head of listed derivatives at Morgan Stanley. A visiting professor of the practice of law at Duke, Brown focuses his teaching and research on business law, business planning, capital markets and corporate finance.

Lawrence Baxter is a visiting professor of the practice of law, Baxter has held senior positions at Wachovia Bank and Wachovia Corp. He focuses his research on the evolving regulatory environment for financial services and beyond. He has consulted with federal government agencies and developed processes relating to financial institution supervision, enforcement and seizure that were implemented at the congressional and regulatory level. He writes about regulation, financial services and technology.

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