Lee Brenner


Lee Brenner is a founding principal at FastFWD Group, a strategic<br /> communications firm dedicated to promoting online web 2.0 social media<br /> strategies and marketing to often hard-to-reach demographics. Lee was<br /> previously the Political Director & Executive Producer of Political & Non-Profit Engagement Programming at MySpace. As such, he directed all political, civic and social engagement marketing activities for the nation’s most trafficked social portal. As a social media expert, he has appeared regularly on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and has been featured in a plethora of print publications, radio and blogs, commenting on the state of youth culture and the “new world” of<br /> online social/civic engagement and activism.<br /> <br /> Throughout his tenure at MySpace, Lee developed partnerships with NBC News, FOX News, and many other major news providers, as well as continually counseled business, faith, political and non-profit leaders on the “best practices” for online marketing and fundraising campaigns. Brenner executive produced the series of 2007-08 MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues. Brenner also forged the landmark 2008 partnership between MySpace and the Commission on Presidential Debates and is currently the Internet Adviser to the Commission. Prior to joining MySpace, Brenner was Senior Editorial Producer of CNN’s <em>Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer</em>. Brenner also produced <em>American Morning</em> and <em>NewsNight with Aaron Brown</em> during his time at CNN. He is graduate of Tufts University and received a Masters of International Affairs at the University of Hong Kong, having won a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship.