Lee Lee Fowler

Online Content & Community Engagement Strategist helping inspired leaders get more visible, connect, engage and make an impact with FEEL GOOD content strategies.

Leigh "Lee Lee" Fowler is an Online Content + Community Engagement Strategist – providing leaders + entrepreneurs with systematic + purposeful content strategies that attract.

As a former Digital Media Director of Robert Kennedy Publishing, Leigh Fowler led the online content strategies behind the successful growth of online communities like Tosca Reno, The Eat-Clean Diet Book Series, Oxygen Women's Fitness magazine and Clean Eating magazine.

As President of Rise Media + Design,(, she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs build communities around their brand and amplify their visibility, engagement and credibility with FEEL GOOD online content strategies.

With 20 years of publishing and marketing experience, you'll will find Lee Lee hanging out regularly with her tribe inside her Facebook Group, Lee Lee Fowler's Confident Content Creator Club, sharing strategies, tips and insights to help entrepreneurs get momentum with their online marketing efforts!