Lena Desmond

A Travel Writer.

Professionally, personally, and sometimes even while sleeping, I’m a digital storyteller. A Bay Street alumnus, I bring with me a rich portfolio of articles on banking regulations, insurance disclosure and CFO best practices. A writer of many pens and a liver of many lives, I’ve also resided on a remote Nicaraguan island where I took care of my very own flock of chickens, scrubbed laundry in a lake, and even had short stint as an apprentice iguana hunter (that didn’t last long.) In the past, I’ve: - Survived a lightning storm atop a Guatemalan volcano - Watched the sunrise on Mount Everest - Gone over 312 hours without a shower - Gritted my teeth through rabies shots after a fight with a monkey over a banana My recent work has been published in: The Huffington Post, Outpost Magazine and I’m best known for a little blog post, Date a Boy Who Travels, which went viral in 2013, and inspired a whole lineage of articles: Date a Girl Who Travels, Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, the ever-similar Date a Guy Who Travels and my personal favorite, Date a Potato. My proudest career moment was when one of my fiction stories was long listed for the CBC Canada Writes Short Story Prize. A traveler of both the world and the imagination, I write because I believe great stories allow us to experience the intensely individual human experience and find that we are not alone.