Jaroslava Ouzka

Global Sales Manager

Jaroslava Ouzka is Global Sales Manager at Skrivanek Group, one of the top 50 language service companies in the world. Since Jaroslava joined Skrivanek in 2004 she has managed special projects and headed Skrivanek’s division that provides language services to major institutions such as the EU and its various bodies. She possesses a broad knowledge of translation processes, workflow optimization and Translation Management Systems. Her education background includes the study of Interpersonal Communication at Saint Paul College in Minnesota, and Public Administration at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Skrivanek´s network of more than 45 offices in 17 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas enables the provision of quality translations and product localization services in over 100 languages. Supported by 3,000+ linguists, 350 in-house native reviewers, experienced project managers, software engineers and DTP specialists, Skrivanek’s cutting-edge technology facilitates customer-driven solutions to meet the most exacting requirements. Its reputation is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 and EN 17100:2015 certification and a clientele that includes the UN, EU, European Investment Bank, World Bank and leading multinational companies. You can reach her at