Leona deVinne

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Leona deVinne is a leadership coach, speaker, Chief Joy Injector at Accendo Consulting and Sock Broker at Leona works with innovative business leaders that want to have an impact. She uses her 20 years of business experience to help her clients reach the highest level of success. Leona knows that Joy and meaning are experienced when one lives from a deeply rooted place of living on purpose and it's her mission to have people experience more of it. Most people can make money; not all are able to create a life that’s truly rich and at the same time gives back. She's committed to helping others create lives and organizations that are focused on making a difference. In her professional life, as a leadership coach, and speaker, she helps people design lives and businesses that thrive and have a positive impact. Whether one sells cars or runs a multi million dollar company, we are all meant to make a difference with people we work with and in our communities. Having over a half a dozen brain and spinal tumours she realizes the preciousness of life and that joy is the fuel we need to keep moving on the tough days and to continually pursue a life of meaning. One of her greatest, goofiest sources of joy is overseeing the Joy Sock Movement, where thousands of fun, colourful socks have been given to people in hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, Boys and Girls Clubs and various other charities and organizations.-hoping to spark joy for those who are struggling and could use a smile. Joy Socks are gift wrapped with an encouraging message inside. Some recipients have cried upon receiving their joy socks, and one refused to have their 'happy feet covered up' some wear them on those hard days to keep moving forward…the response has been overwhelming. Please consider joining the Joy Sock movement by donating money or collecting new fun socks to donate. More info at Love for you to help spark Joy so the world can burst with delight, one pair at a time!