Leslie Hoffman

Executive director of Earth Pledge

Leslie Hoffman, executive director of Earth Pledge, is a pioneer in the fields of sustainable architecture and agriculture.

Hoffman, who holds a degree in architecture and design, began her career as a green builder in 1979, starting out as carpenter's apprentice after college. She soon became a contractor in her own right, focusing on building sophisticated eco-friendly residences and saving the best of old buildings. Since joining Earth Pledge in 1994, Hoffman has spearheaded its core initiatives: Green Roofs, Farm to Table, Waste=Fuel, FutureFashion, Limit450, Guardian Trust, and Earth Pledge Consulting, all of which use research, education and demonstration to deliver viable models of sustainability to government, industry and communities.

Hoffman is a judge for the Home Depot Foundation's Awards for Affordable Housing Built Responsibly, an advisor to Village Reach, a board member of Batoto Yetu and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. She is an avid gardener who has maintained a small organic coffee farm in Hawaii since 1990. She is also a lifelong transoceanic sailor.

May 25, 2011

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