Ashley Navarro

Transformational Life Coach & Founder of Let Love Surprise You, a movement that spreads love and inspiration via anonymous handwritten notes

With her own blog, a background in freelance photography, a creative Etsy store, a new Love Movement, a profound way of connecting and mentoring people, and an at home mother of two young boys, Ashley Navarro is what we call, a Spiritual Love Rock Star With a passion for studying Spirituality and Personal Growth, Ashley recently received her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is now working as a Transformational Life Coach, in which she coaches people in creating and living the fulfilling life they are meant to live. She is dedicated to helping people realize that they are worthy enough to receive true peace, love, and joy, no matter their circumstance. Also an Alumni of Marie Forleo’s B-School, and current student of the Integrative Wellness Academy, Ashley has developed a unique skill-set that helps her connect and support those wishing to transform any area of their life personally and professionally. Aside from Life Coaching, Ashley is also the creator & founder of a beautiful love movement called Let Love Surprise You, which started in January 2015 and spread to 43 states and over 6 countries in the first 50 days and continues to grow daily. This movement is a source of inspiration and connection by way of handwritten letters. She encourages people to write and leave inspirational messages for strangers to find in hopes to brighten someone’s day. Through LLSY, Ashley also hosts events that serve her community and will also be working towards leading workshops that use letter writing as a powerful source of healing, which is also a tool in her coaching program If you want to join her Love Movement you can visit: If you want to learn more about how to work with Ashley, please visit her website:

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