Levi Novey

Conservation & Natural Resource Management Professional | Director of Communications & Marketing at The Corps Network

Levi Novey is a conservation professional who currently serves as the Director of Communications and Marketing for The Corps Network, the national membership organization for our nation's Service and Conservation Corps. Previously Levi worked for the U.S. National Park Service for 10 years, as a park ranger, social science researcher, and science communication specialist for 20 different parks. He has a master's degree in Conservation Social Sciences from the University of Idaho and a bachelor's degree in History from Tufts University. In addition to having authored several guidebooks to U.S. national parks and co-authoring a book of success stories from America's Service and Conservation Corps, he has written scholarly papers and over 300 online articles as an environmental journalist. He has also lived in Peru for over 2 years with his family, where he assisted with research in several Peruvian national parks and gained an interest in community-based approaches to international conservation efforts, particularly in Latin America. Levi's wife Alicia also works in the conservation field. They hope that their daughter Coral is inspired to choose her own path in helping to protect the Earth.

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