Lewis Worrow

CEO of Chaisson Cassius, author of a Treatise on Lust and Illusion and Huffington Post contributor.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Chaisson Cassius </a>, a London based personal investment company. <br> <br> Previously, whilst an undergraduate at the University of Hull, I served as a Trustee on Hull Univeristy Unions’ board of directors, during which time I wrote a number of papers, sat on a number of committees, including the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Budgeting Committee, and championed better representation and worked in partnership with the Chair of the International Students Association for better representation for international students who attend the university. Throughout such time I also served as a Course Representative, Student Ambassador and acted as the Chairman of the Student-Staff Committee for a period of time. <br> <br> I am also an author and have a number of publications, the first of which to be printed was my first book which was published in the July of 2014 and is titled Chaisson Blue: Trademarking A Colour. This lead to the writing of my first article which would be published in the February of 2015 when I began writing political, business and finance articles for the Huffington Post as a contributor. Most recently published, however is my latest book, A Treatise on Lust and Illusion, which was released in the December of 2015 and is available today in two hundred and forty five territories around the world.

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