Leyna Juliet Weber

Mother of 3/Writer/Actress (in that particular order)

Leyna Juliet Weber is a Mother of 3/Writer/Actress in that particular order. She is the Co-Founder of and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three small kiddos in a home that consistently looks vandalized. A New York transplant, Leyna worked as an actress, voiceover artist, and writer. Her fourth bundle of joy,, required no sleep training or lipstick (a refreshing bonus.) Leyna appeared in Enlightened, Law & Order, Six Feet Under, As the World Turns and Special Victims Unit. Her voice can be heard on cartoons, radio, and videogames, such as Grand Theft Auto. For respectable dinner conversation, Leyna stored up vats of knowledge narrating the Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-winning series, Assignment Discovery. WorkingBug created several critically acclaimed webseries including, ROAD TO THE ALTAR, RANDOM COMEDIES, and A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE.,, or