Liara Roux

sex worker, independent adult media producer and director, political organizer, writer.

Liara Roux is a sex worker, independent adult media producer and director, a political organizer focused on freedom of expression for adult workers online, and an advocate for decriminalization and protection of consensual adult activity including queer and sex worker rights and safety worldwide. Liara is known for her interest in freedom of expression and expertise in online content creation, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality media, and for her various commercial and non-profit projects. She has been interviewed by or had projects featured by the press in publications such as Vice, Wired, Playboy, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed News, International Business Times, and BBC Technology and on blogs such as Reason, The Mary Sue, Kotaku, The Daily Dot, and ErosBlog. She’s written as Liara for XBiz, Motherboard, Broadly, and Tits and Sass.

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