Lillian D. Singh

Director, Racial Wealth Divide Initiative @ Prosperity Now

Lillian Singh has public service experience working at the intersection of research, policy and practice, having had opportunities to interface with direct-service providers, the foundation community, research organizations and the for-profit sector covering issues of economic inequality and educational disparities. She is a vibrant analyst with a history of providing strategic research direction within the nonprofit and for-profit sectors by: 1) Transforming abstract strategic visions into results-driven programs, 2) Spearheading strategic analysis and planning; 3) Maximizing impact of initiatives while mitigating negative reactions to change; 4) Designing comprehensive training, integration, and project management utilization; 5) Increasing funding and external support; and 6) Generating consensus among parties on all levels and uniting community, foundation, and corporate stakeholders to achieve common missions and goals.