Linda Hansen


Linda Hansen is a sixty year old journalist, living and working in South Carolina, where she serves as the rather lonely voice of the Left. Writing political commentary from that POV seldom gets her invited to the annual pig pickin' but she is happy to report that, even in the Heart of Dixie, the political mood is beginning to change. She hasn't been called an "unAmerican Godless heathen who hates our troops" in months.

She attended both Columbia College and the U of South Carolina but never succeeded in finishing her degree (some silly criteria about having to sit through any classes other than every available writing class). Besides, she was busy having babies, keeping house and tending to a very Southern husband.

Linda does a little free lance work and blogs forThe Progressive Journal. She's also an op-ed contributor to Barack the Youth Vote and Rock With Barack despite her advanced age. Barack Obama is her candidate of choice but, like the wino who said "Any port in a storm", she'll vote for any Liberal who gets the Dem nod. The alternative is too frightening.

Neocons infuriate her. So does the notion that all Southerners, South Carolinians in particular, are dead from the neck up. She blames the MSM proclivity to tap the redneck witness pool for opinions. She hopes to change that dynamic.