Linden Schaffer

Director, Pravassa

Linden Schaffer has been leading travelers around the world on wellness tours since 2009. As a certified Wellness Expert and Yoga Tune-Up® Instructor, her presence on Pravassa's wellness vacations enables clients to reach their full wellness potential by facilitating individual relaxation, stress reduction, life-balancing education, and making sure each client’s needs are met. Shortly after launching, Pravassa was recognized by British Airways as a winner in its Face-of-Opportunity contest as has since been featured in print, on TV, and around the web in such notable places as the LA Times, Forbes, New York Magazine, Bloomberg’s Taking Stock, and Yahoo’s Tour and Explore. When not on the road, Ms. Schaffer holds seminars, attends speaking engagements, and writes for both the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen. She is Wellness Travel contributor to the SpaFinder Wellness365 blog and recently completed filming a wellness video series for