Lirone Glikman

Business Relationship Expert, Keynote Speaker & Blogger | Honorary adviser to the UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development

Lirone Glikman is a business relationship consultant, speaker, author, and the developer of "The 5 Pillar Method of Effective Business Relationship.”™. Since 2011, Lirone has been working with thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, and career oriented people around the world, providing them with the tools to achieve their goals through smart creation and management of authentic and strategic relationships. Lirone Glikman is a contributor for award winning media outlets, including Huffington Post, Business Banter (UK), Start Israel, The Times of Israel and others. She has worked with Google, Microsoft, eBay, universities (Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, etc.), city councils, embassies, companies and individuals globally, and serves as an adviser an external United Nations NGO Committee on Sustainable Development. Contact Lirone Glikman: /