Lisa Konczal

Writer, Photographer, Dancer

Lisa Konczal is a Los Angeles based writer, photographer and performer. She has lived, worked and traveled across five continents and her work can be seen in her recently published book, Through the Lens of an American Woman Alone in Cuba: The Week Before Obama's Historic Visit. It can also be seen in Distinguish Chair Fulbright Scholar Stan Breckenridge's book, Popular Music in America: Forging the American Spirit, as well as 7x7 Magazine online, Florida Times Union, Student Traveler Magazine and Carolina Parent Magazine. Through Lisa’s video production and photography company, Vérité Creative, she has worked with Grammy, Oscar and Emmy-award winning artists. Also working in front of the camera, Lisa has modeled for print and online media and acted in musical theater, for t.v. and in commercials. She is also a dance instructor specializing in Latin and Country dances. Lisa grew up in North Carolina and studied at l’Université Catholique de Lille in France, Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, and North Carolina State University.