Lisa Aisling Montagu

Communications and media strategist, writer and editor in the fields of spirituality, health and psychology.

Lisa Montagu is a communications strategist, writer and editor. As the CEO of <a href="" target="_hplink">Random Content Writing Inc</a>, Lisa manages communications and media projects for global spirituality, health and psychology clients such as Eckhart Tolle, Geneen Roth, Dr Lee Jampolsky, and Local Wild Food Challenge, and has worked on major communications management and organizational strategy initiatives for corporate clients such as British Energy, BuildDirect, BMO, Sony, and Toyota as well as non-governmental organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF. She has written and edited over 12,000 pieces of original content. She specializes in developing clear and goal-fulfilling messages that engage millions of her clients’ customers across multiple demographics in many countries simultaneously. Educated at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, and Oxford University, Lisa has an MBA in strategic management and she has completed post-graduate work in sociology, history and education. Lisa is an award-winning short fiction author and has just completed her first novel.