Lisa Cavallaro

Coach, Author, Speaker

First the important stuff… I’m a wife, mother of three and grandmother of one. Now the boring stuff that may or may not impress you… I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a masters degree in marriage & family therapy. I’m a master certified coach, certified weight loss coach and reiki master. Now for the stuff that makes me tick… I love helping people. Specifically, I love helping people make their lives healthier and happier. Even more specifically, I love helping people feel better by teaching them how to leverage law of attraction and the power of their own minds to get what they want. I’ve been working with adults and kids for 15 years and my passion for this work continues to grow. I love my adult clients, and especially enjoy working with teenage girls struggling with body image and typical teenage pressures. Finally, one more thing about me -- I’m really good at seeing possibilities, even when most people can’t.