Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA

Executive Director, Harvesting Happiness

As a positive psychology coach, author, filmmaker, professor and lecturer specializing in the field of happiness, Lisa Cypers Kamen is widely recognized as an expert in her industry.

Ms. Kamen’s mission-driven 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization Harvesting Happiness for Heroes® utilizes integrated curriculum in a stigma-free multidisciplinary approach to help soldiers and their loved ones heal the invisible traumas of war and reawaken happiness in their hearts. HH4Heroes® program goals are to empower and assist others in flourishing through awareness, intention and self‐mastery. Harvesting Happiness for Heroes can serve as an adjunct to other treatment modalities and works to transform Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) into Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG).

Lisa’s acclaimed documentary film, co‐produced with her now-teenage daughter, Kayla, “H‐Factor…Where is your heart?” explores how people in varied circumstances find, generate and share happiness. In addition to her film work, Lisa has also published a number of articles and is an accomplished blog contributor for Positively Positive and Inspire Me Today. Her first book, entitled Are We Happy Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking A Joyful Life, was published by Langdon Press in April 2012. Ms. Kamen's second book, Reintegration Strategies For Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Grief and PTSD, explores combat trauma and positive psychology in the post‐deployment reintegration process, pairing with HH4Heroes® programming to provide concrete coping strategies for Veterans and their families. To learn more about HH4Heroes®, click here.