Lisa Erickson

CEO Migrainemagick™ Meditation Magick™, Global Coherence Ambassador Heartmath®, Cranberry Grower, Meditation Facilitator

Lisa's mission is to empower those who struggle with chronic migraines, headaches and anxiety. She is excited about bringing healing, transformation, wholeness and lasting peace to others. Lisa was a 30+ year sufferer of migraines. She experienced her first migraine at age 7. Although her desire to alleviate suffering was born in her even at this young age, it took another 30 years before she would come up with a solution. Decades of migraine medications took a toll on her body. But her real motivation came from her children. when they started having headaches and migraine-like pain, Lisa decided enough was enough. She was not going to let her precious children endure the chronic pain she had endured almost her whole life. To have a virtual cup of coffee and learn more about this amazing remedy you can visit Migraine Magick™ is facilitating sustainable chronic pain management, prevention and lasting healing. In the fall you can find Lisa harvesting cranberries with her husband, a cranberry farmer and 4 children in Middleboro, Massachusetts.