Lisa Turner

Chef, nutritionist, food writer,

Lisa Turner is a chef, food writer and nutritionist. She has written five books on food, nutrition and healing, and hundreds of recipes and articles appearing in Self Magazine, Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times, Natural Solutions. Alternative Medicine and many others. She's also the developer of Thrive Tribe Paleo snacks and other natural and organic packaged foods. Lisa is also a certified Food Psychology Coach and intuitive eating counselor, and has studied and trained with Marc David, Geneen Roth and Evelyn Tribole. She has also received extensive training in a number of body-mind modalities, meditation practices and embodiment therapies, and is currently pursuing her second degree black belt in Ninjitsu, a Japanese martial art. Through her company Inspired Eating, Lisa offers in-person, telephone and Skype consultations on food, health and healing. In the Denver metro area, she offers classes and workshops for individuals, groups and business. Contact her at