Lindsey Kesel

I'm a writer, jiu-jitsu player, traveler & eco-warrior

In 2002, Lindsey left her production post with a Denver ad agency, sold all of her belongings, and moved to Hawaii sight unseen. She is the founder of Word Rescue Company, a copywriting and idea house that produces content for local and national clients in a variety of fields including editorial, tech, tourism, financial, retail and education. She’s also dabbled in travel writing, photography and acting. Lindsey devotes a significant amount of her time to the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training with Team Gracie Technics in Honolulu. Passionate about sustainable living, food and entrepreneurship, she writes for Green Magazine Hawaii, edible Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Edge, and helps throw large-scale beach cleanups with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Lindsey is also currently working on her debut novel. /