Laurenlola White

I am a Bodyluxe Lifestyle coach & Nutritional Therapist Practicioner..Facillitator of transformation at any age.

Our thoughts make us who we are, and so in order to totally transform, we must make empowered decisions that are in harmony with what we truly need and want. Many of the women I work with come to me when they no longer know how to respond to their bodies. These women look at past pictures from their teens or weddings and wonder what happened or where it all went wrong. But what they don’t realize is that they just need to start somewhere, take the first step. With the right tools, resources and support they can have the body they desire while still eating the foods they love. Somedays you are the teacher and other days you are the student; I learn to embrace both. I am the chemist of my life. And with every woman I work with, I see a piece of my former self--the girl at her breaking point ready to give up. But now, I have the training, experience, and resources to help others make lasting change and stand strong on their own. Together, we know we can and will conquer anything. So from Weight Loss Coach to Nutritional Therapist to Transformational Coach, this is my work and what I love to do!