Lora Lucero

Community journalist connecting the global dots

A creative cog in the wheel moving on the path not chosen by many. Always a student, sometimes a teacher. Humbled by the privileges that have appeared on my path, including a formal education in city planning and law; supportive family, friends and community; and the resources to open up a world of exploration. In the past 40 years, my paid "jobs" have included: cook in a nursing home, credit clerk in a large retail center, secretary in a university alumni office, census taker, substitute teacher, elections monitor, city planner, lawyer, editor for a national legal journal, community organizer / rabble-rouser, adjunct professor, and freelance writer. In the past 10 years, my travel has opened the borders and I've spent time in the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway Turkey, Russia and Siberia, Mongolia, China and many spots inbetween.

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