Lorena Rios

Paraguayan; Global Citizen; Global Shapers; OYW Ambassador; IVLP Alumni; Social Entrepreneur; Financial Inclusion

I am an emerging social entrepreneur from the town of Villa del Rosario located in the department of San Pedro in Paraguay. I received my bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration from the Universidad Americana of Paraguay where I was awarded a full scholarship by the Itaipu Binational dam. I'm initiated my professional career at the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), an independent fund administered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) where I was responsible for the management,implementation and monitoring of projects for the private sector. I'm currently the project coordinator of an IDB/MIF program for financial inclusion that harnesses cell phone technology to provide financial services and a personal wallet to low-income citizens via the Núcleo S.A. company. I'm also spends my spare time working on educational and cultural projects with an indigenous school in my hometown of Villa del Rosario. Most energy and enthusiasm to improve the State of the World, with more humility and solidarity.