Lori Pollan

Author, health and wellness coach

Lori Pollan’s first book, THE POLLAN FAMILY TABLE: The Best Recipes and Kitchen Wisdom for Delicious, Healthy Family Meals, was written with her sisters, Tracy and Dana Pollan, and her mother, Corky Pollan. Her brother, writer and food activist Michael Pollan, wrote the foreword. The Pollan Family Table was the winner of the Gourmand Award for Best First Cookbook, USA, and was shortlisted for the Best in the World Award, Best First Cookbook. <br> <br> Lori, who holds an MBA, began her career in the health and fitness field 25 years ago. She co-founded the renowned Pollan-Austen Fitness Center where she guided clients through highly effective exercise and diet regimens. Lori is a certified life coach, instructing clients in improved fitness, nutrition, and stress management so they can create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle

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