Lorrie Febus

VP Lending, Consultant and Meta-Financial Coach

Lorrie Febus is an Author, financial consultant and Meta-Financial Coach. Uniquely, she is able to bridge her intuitive training with her practical financial knowledge. She is a success and business coach and has teamed with top trainers. As a consultant she was called back to the corporate world during this current economic crisis to utilize her expertise in the financial industry and knowledge of the real-estate market. She is a writer and contributor to news sites and magazines. She provides real-life solutions to integrate with everyday living to create success through empowerment, knowledge, focus, and intuition.

Lorrie’s gift is bridging two worlds by using her practical financial and business knowledge and intuitive energy to help her clients discover their own authentic self and to empower their future.

Check out Lorrie's new book "Awakening Your Destiny- Bridging Money, Intuition and Your Lifes Purpose" at