Louise Armstrong

As a Family Relationship Coach, Counsellor & Clinical Hypnotherapist I empower women to let go of the pain and hurt allowing themselves to enjoy relationships full of love, joy & freedom.

Louise is on a mission to help women suffering from painful relationships; whether this is with their partner, a parent, a child or a sibling to enjoying deep, loving and fulfilling relationships. She talks from the heart creating such an emotion that women are able to discover their true authentic selves, healing themselves from within, whilst enjoying joy & love in their relationships. Having suffered a lifelong destructive relationship with her mother, which also impacted on her relationship with her eldest daughter, Louise has managed to heal both of these entirely alone. Louise was invited to train as a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Councellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Theta Healer through the turnaround in her own personal life, leaving behind trading the financial futures markets. Louise also specialises in 'Mother-daughter relationship healing' which has stirred an incredible impact in the coaching market. She now works with clients face to face in Dubai along with a successful online program developed to reach an international market. Spending time with Louise will give you a new lease of life; she is a complete breath of fresh air, you will feel loved and be able to love, know where you’re going in life and totally understand yourself from the inside out, leaving behind any destructive thoughts & behaviours; ultimately living your dream.