Louise Taylor

Scientific Director, Global Alliance for Rabies Control

Louise Taylor is a biological researcher with a background in disease biology. She has worked with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) for almost 10 years supporting its scientific output and currently serving as its Scientific Director. She coordinates the Partners for Rabies Prevention, a technical expert group set up by GARC which is comprised of all the major international stakeholders in rabies control. The PRP’s online Blueprint for Rabies Prevention, which she maintains, supports rabies control personnel through the development and implementation of national canine rabies control plans. Her research work ties closely into communications to the global rabies community through GARC and the End Rabies Now campaign. Louise has a BA in Biology from Oxford University and a PhD in Biology from Edinburgh University and has published research on malaria parasites, tropical parasites of cattle and the theoretical ecology of emerging and zoonotic diseases as well as rabies.

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