Lt. Dan Choi

West Point Grad. Combat Vet. Discharged under DADT. Asking, Telling. Running for San Francisco College Board. 11/4, Vote Pro-Choi.

Army Lieutenant Dan Choi came out on the Rachel Maddow TV Show in an act of civil disobedience during the era of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and fought for years to end the policy. A tireless LGBT Equality activist who got arrested time and again in front of the White House, or in Moscow's Red Square, Lt. Choi was federally prosecuted for his advocacy and suffered many health problems. Now he reemerges as a first time candidate for public office, to serve as a Trustee overseeing his community college district, in San Francisco, CA. He is the only openly gay, openly Asian, openly veteran and current student running in a hotly contested race, but his motivation goes beyond winning a local campaign.