Lubomir Kavalek

International Chess Grandmaster

Lubomir (Lubos) Kavalek has been an International Chess Grandmaster (GM) since 1965, and several times U.S. and Czechoslovakian champion. He was rated among the world’s Top Ten chess players, winning more than thirty important international and national tournaments and matches. A leading player on the U.S. team, he collected a record of one gold and five bronze olympic medals. He was inducted to the Chess Hall of Fame in 2001. In 1972, Kavalek was Bobby Fischer’s second in his world championship match against Boris Spassky in Reykjavik. He coached other world-class players such as Nigel Short, Robert Hubner and Yasser Seirawan, and was acting captain and chief analyst for the world team against the USSR team in London 1984. Kavalek played entertaining chess, winning several brilliancy prizes. His game against Eduard Gufeld from the 1962 Student Olympiad shared sixth place in Andrew Soltis’s book "The 100 Best Chess Games of the 20th Century, Ranked." Kavalek organized one of the most important tournaments in chess history, the Tournament of Stars in Montreal in 1979, as well as the prestigious 1988-89 World Cup for the Grandmasters Association. His book "World Cup Chess" was published by Bloomsbury in London in 1990. As a journalist and commentator Kavalek has covered all the most important chess events in the last 45 years, writing for several U.S. and foreign magazines. He was inducted to the Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists in 2006. He wrote about chess for the Washington Post for 24 years (1986-2010) in his award-winning column. He now writes for the Huffington Post. Books "The Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense," with Yefim Geller, Svetozar Gligoric and Boris Spassky, published by RHM Press in 1976 "Wijk aan Zee Grandmaster Chess Tournament 1975" published by RHM Press in 1976; "One of the greatest tournament books of all time" - Sidney Fried, Publisher "World Cup Chess: The Grandmasters Grand Prix," published in England by Bloomsbury Publishing in 1990 and in the U.S. by Trafalgar Square Publishing in 1990.