Lucas Spangher

NSF Green Tech Fellow

Hailed by Brookhaven National Laboratory for "outstanding critical thinking, scientific accuracy, creativity, and organization", Lucas Spangher is traveling NSF research scholar based in Mumbai, India. A recent graduate from Duke University with an avid interest in green energy technology, his past research in hydrogen has earned him silver medal in the International Sustainable Energy Olympiad as well as numerous other scholarships, grants, and awards. He has done data analysis at Google Ventures and an energy optimization startup, and has lived in China, Chile, Paraguay, India, and Brazil in the course of performing his work. Currently, he is a statistical fellow at the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E), although all of the views expressed here are personal and not indicative of the views of ARPA-E. After ARPA-E, Lucas will earn a PhD from UC Berkeley in Machine Learning. Apart from science, Lucas rock climbs, rows crew, and plays cello and piano. Initially an aspiring cellist, he performed 3 times yearly in Carnegie Hall, but has since decided that scientific advancement is too important to ignore.