Luis Fernando Cruz

19-year-old developer of the Eyeboard

Luis Cruz is a 19-year-old developer and a freshman student in electrical engineering whose goal is to finish his university studies in the United States. He developed the Eyeboard, a type of eye-controlled software that is a low-cost solution for people with disabilities.

His objective as a developer and programmer is to use technology as an aid for humankind. By helping people with disabilities as the developer of the Eyeboard, Luis feels that he has successfully managed to change the lives of many people for good. Testimonies of those who have used the Eyeboard say that they have done it mainly to help a disabled family member to communicate with other people, and thus improve their way of living. This is how Luis knows that he is successfully contributing towards the advancement of our society. However, as a young philanthropist, he feels that his journey has just begun.

Although the Eyeboard is a fully functioning system, Luis' plan is to keep improving the Eyeboard and make it as affordable as possible.

For donations towards his education and projects, and for more information about his projects, please visit

December 6, 2017

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