Luke Dollar

Wildlife biologist and program director of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative

Luke Dollar is a wildlife biologist who coordinates conservation, research and development programs throughout Madagascar. He has logged more than eight years in the field there. Dollar’s scientific research focuses on Madagascar’s carnivores, specifically the fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox), and satellite analyses of their habitat. More than 50 percent of his overall efforts are concentrated on grassroots education and sustainable employment programs for the island’s rural human populace. Dollar’s efforts have yielded a trove of data on fosa biology and behavior, and his programs have led to the development of scholastic and sustainable business programs benefiting thousands of local Malagasy subsistence farmers and their children. Currently, he is the program director of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative. And yes, he’s a “car guy.” Dollar is a 2007 National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

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