Lynda Freeman

Artist, Writer, Compiler, Teacher, Mother to a Great Guy, Friend and Spiritual Being, Lover of Life, Animal Appreciator, Optimist

Lynda Freeman is a retired teacher living in Toronto, Canada. Lynda attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y. and graduated from York University in Toronto. She is also an artist who teaches painting to adults. She shares her home with her son, three marmalade cats and a Dachshund named Wilbur.
Life, for her, is essentially positive, with a belief in people's innate goodness and in a Higher Power. She also believes in the ability to manifest what one desires through focus, effort, faith and gratitude. Based on this belief, she has gathered 50 true stories in a collection called "Creating Miracles, True Personal Stories of the Law of Attraction". The stories are truly inspiring.
Her belief in the beauty of love led to an exploration through the gathering of a collection of 50 true stories called "Heartbeats, True Personal Stories of Love". The stories are beautiful, touching and inspiring.
Both books will be available as eBooks on Amazon. Lynda wishes to share with others what has uplifted and inspired her. She believes we are able to create so much that is wonderful and that love is the most important thing we are here to learn.

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October 4, 2016
July 14, 2016

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