M. Marcy Jones

Collaborative Lawyer, Author

M. Marcy Jones is the award-winning author of Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity, and her new ebook, Anatomy of a Collaborative Divorce: A Roadmap of the Collaborative Process. She is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, coach, and advocate for change in the way people go through divorce.

Marcy went to law school after her own divorce and with two young children at home, so she speaks from both personal and professional experience. Since graduating in 1995, she has worked as a prosecutor of domestic violence and sexual assault cases and then in private practice. She is a settlement expert and a conflict resolution advocate, specializing in collaborative practice.

Her passion and mission is to be an instrument of change in the way people divorce, in the legal system, and in the way lawyers represent clients in divorce. One way she is doing this is by providing reliable and trustworthy information to people so they can understand their choices and take a proactive role in their own cases. Her goal is to provide valuable information and success strategies to help people through the process better. Her books, articles, and websites are designed to be a voice for the critical changes that are needed.

For more information about Marcy and divorce options, please visit and Her services include speaking, coaching, and consulting, as well as representation of clients in mediation, collaboration, and settlement negotiations.

She currently resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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