Macky Alston

Senior Vice President for Strategy and Growth, Auburn School for Prophets

Macky Alston is Senior Vice President for Strategy and Growth at Auburn, a School for Prophets, where he works to equip faith leaders to stand for justice through the media. Alston founded Auburn Media in 2002 and for ten years, he served as its director, innovating a range of programs related to media and religion and media training over 5000 faith leaders on a wide range of justice issues, including many of the most influential religious leaders of our day. Alston is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, whose films include Love Free or Die - PBS 2012; Hard Road Home – PBS ’08, The Killer Within – Discovery Films ’06, Questioning Faith – HBO ‘02, and Family Name – PBS ’98. He has won at Sundance twice and received the Gotham Open Palm Award, three Emmy nominations, and appeared widely in the press, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show and The New York Times. A graduate of Union Theological Seminary, he comes from a long line of ministers in the American South and grew up exposed to the power of religion, politics and the media, as charismatic leaders on the Left and Right shaped society and history for generations to come.