Maddisen K. Krown

Personal & Executive Coach, Learning & Development Specialist

Maddisen K. Krown, M.A. is positively passionate about her work as a Personal Life Coach and Executive Coach, and enjoys working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  She is trained and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic approaches to well being, and customizes her coaching for each individual.

Maddisen is also a Certified Holoenergetics© Facilitator.  It was during her graduate studies that Maddisen was introduced to the work of Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D., the Stanford-trained physician who developed the field of Holoenergetic healing, which refers to healing with the energy of the whole. She facilitates Dr. Laskow’s key processes including, Forgiveness, Tracing, Unconditional Love, Balanced Breath, and Ancestral Harmonization.  An ordained minister, Maddisen works with couples in creating their marriage vows and facilitates them in Ancestral Harmonization before she marries them.