Madelyn McGlynn

17-year-old founder of NETwork Against Malaria

Madelyn McGlynn is from Illinois and she is 17 years old.

She was inspired by the dire need for bednets in Uganda to create NETwork Against Malaria. Gradually, after NETwork Against Malaria had distributed 400 bednets, she noticed the effect that they were having in Uganda. She is now inspired by both the overwhelming need for nets and by every kindhearted volunteer in American and Uganda that helps them fulfill this need. The people in America have taken up their cause to provide bednets to school children and families with tremendous generosity and enthusiasm. Their kindheartedness has affirmed my faith in our people’s compassion.

Through NETwork she feels that she has made a huge contribution to her community on the local, national, and international levels. To date, NETwork has 21 chapters throughout the United States and over 35,000 volunteers. They have raised over $78,000 and bought 11,500 bednets. Because three children can sleep under each of these nets, NETwork has potentially saved around 34,500 lives. Even with these figures, she believes that their greatest impact is measured by how many lives they have touched, both Ugandan and American. She has strived to inspire volunteers in America and Uganda to work together to save lives and bring about positive global change.

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