Madoka Noriuchi

Senior researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science

Madoka Noriuchi, Ph.D., is senior researcher at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science. She is also adjunct association professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University and specializes in the developmental cognitive neuroscience and biological psychiatry. She is the author of “The functional neuroanatomy of maternal love: Mother’s response to infant’s attachment behaviors” (Biological Psychiatry, 2008), “Altered white matter fractional anisotropy and social impairment in children with autism spectrum disorder” (Brain Research, 2010), and co-author of the blog “Baby’s little smiles: Building a relationship with Mon. How smiles-and pouts-are helping researchers probe the essence of the complex mother-infant bond” at Scientific American Mind Matters. Her study on the neural basis of maternal love has been particularly reported by The New York Times (Maternal Instinct Is Wired Into the Brain, 2008), a special article in a scientific magazine (L’instinct maternal est-il universel? Le Monde de l’enfance, 2008) and reported by various NetNews. In addition she is an occupational therapist in the field of psychiatry, especially infant-parent mental health, and her hobby is Japanese traditional dance (Nihon Buyo). Find out more at her ResearchGate.

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